The Logical Golf Lab by Don Gammon has recently been completed at their location at Durban Country Club.


Junior Golf Clinic in Durban with Gammon Golf


Don and his team were thrilled to recently host a golf clinic for 27 junior golfers, prior to their Junior Competition. Participants were given instruction on the range and short game area by Don, assisted by Mark Warrener, who did an outstanding job in interacting and managing such a large group of talented youngsters.  ...

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Golf Tips

Fundamentals of the Swing
Fairway Woods
Long Irons
Short Game
Bunker Play
Trouble Shots
Top 20 Rules of Golf

Basic Fundamentals of the Golf Swing

The key to a good golf swing is not to play the game from the upper part of the body (shoulders, arms and hands). The actual golf swing works from the waist down. Your legs are the power source, they generate the power and the upper body follows.

The Slice

The slice is caused by the club cutting across the ball (outside in), to cure this Turn your shoulders with no lateral move off the ball Complete your backswing Initiate your downswing with your hips Transfer weight on to your left side

Fairway Woods

Virtually identical to driving but the key here is to make sure that you don't concentrate too much on trying to get under the ball and lift it. Set the ball up slightly forward in the stance. Again, crucial with a wood is to complete your backswing Initiate the downswing by moving on to your left...

Long Irons

Possibly the toughest part of the game. You can have an "out" here by using a rescue club. This is a far easier club to play with.  Very similar to woods, complete your backswing Initiate the downswing by moving on to your left side Deliver a downward blow by being on your left foot at impact and...

60 meter Pitch

Your shoulders are the dominant features in this shot Put 70-80% of your weight on to your left foot Open your stance slightly Turn with very little wrist cock Clear your left side (belly button to target) Aim for the top of the flag, not the base

Bunker Shots

This is the only shot in golf where you release your right hand at the ball. This is because you want to hit behind the ball. Open the club face. Take the club away outside the target line (in other words you will be cutting across the ball) - this will give you more loft and more stop. Release the...


Find your line. Make sure your eyes are over the ball. Your club face must be square to your target line. We would prefer you to work from your shoulders when striking the ball as apposed to your wrists. Keep the shoulders working through the putt. Keep dead still. Do not look up until the ball has...

Wind - Playing into the wind

Make sure the ball is fractionally back in the stance. Turn your shoulders, try to eliminate as much wrist out of the shot as possible. You will have more control. Complete your backswing. Pause at the top of the swing. Initiate the downswing with your hips and clear your left side.

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