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A lot of the time people think that when they miss the ball, hit it badly or hit it in the teeth, this is due to lifting one's head, "Watch the ball" or "Keep your head down". This is not the case.  What needs to happen is once you have completed your backswing, start your downswing with your legs, transferring your weight on to the left side, therefore your weight is on the left foot at impact and you will not come up or "lift your head".

This is possibly the biggest cause of problems with your golf swing

In fact, you have to stay absolutely centred over the ball.

As you start your backswing, make sure that your right shoulder goes back immediately behind your neck. This will stop any lateral movement to the right. You must not move your axis to the right because then you cannot get back on to your left foot easily and generate power at the same time.

It has been said that if you slice the ball it is because your right hand hasn't come through. Not true

What you have to do is complete your back swing, get your left side (starting with your hips) leading on your downswing, everything else will follow, shoulders, arms and hands. Your right hand will release naturally at impact. If you consciously release your right hand early, you will smother the ball (club face shuts) and hit the ball fat. 

This is one of the bigger myths in golf. What you have to do is start your downswing with your left hip.

Your backswing goes - hands, shoulders and then hips and your downswing is in reverse - 

Start with your hips, by pulling left, your shoulders will follow and lastly your hands.

Most people would answer, from the upper body i.e. arms and shoulders.

It's not, all your power will come from your lower half. Think of a tug-of-war, you hold the rope with your arms, but you do the pulling with your legs. This principal applies totally to golf.